Why do good people suffer

Why are we suffering for no fault of ours? Why do good people suffer? This is the most common of all the questions which I always hear. To answer it in one word “Karma” comes to our minds, this is also the equally sought and used word even in today’s times. Sometimes we experience clients who teach profound lessons which become memorable for life and give us the understanding that feelings, the situations and most important even the body problems which we are experiencing now are all are pointers telling us that there is a deep connection with our past lives.

A client named A was one such person, he messaged me one day stating that he wanted a session urgently and that he is suffering from a peculiar problem which he would discuss only when we meet. The dates were accordingly given and the day we were to meet I had given him the time as 11.00 but due to some misunderstanding he reached by 10.00. I was reaching home from the ashram with the thought that I have 1 hour to relax and receive A. However for a moment I also panicked when I got a message from the security guard that A had already arrived. I had to call and request him to wait since I was still on the way. I requested my son to pick me up from half way due to a traffic jam, enabling me to reach home half an hour before time but according to A half an hour late. Already throughout the rush back i had the thought that I should be calm since the client is early or before time only due to the fact that the excitement to undergo the session is too much so usually I also try to make myself available to them as soon as I am able to, but here i was on the road frantically rushing back.

Anyway A came to my studio. A smart young handsome boy of around 26 to 27 years A seemed very calm and peaceful guy. Usually the boys of this age suffer from relationship issues so as we have been taught not to judge we started the session with the initial introduction followed by the history taking.

Half of the healing happens during history taking since the clients pour their hearts out and this client also started narrating the incidents of his life which he was extremely happy and also completely shattered. His was born and brought up in Mangalore. Only son of his parents and had an elder sister. His father was an acute alcoholic and had been taken many times to de-addiction camps from where he had simply absconded only to return back in a worse state. A beautifully accepted his father’s behaviour and felt that the reason for his nature was due to a love failure in his adolescent times due to which he was unable to recuperate and was still suffering. However he felt his father normally was a very loving person when he was not under the influence of alcohol.

A’s mother on the other hand was a typical bold Indian woman who is used to face family problems with a beautiful smile on her face and whose whole life centres around the happiness of her kids. She was working in some firm and the household expenses ran only on her salary. A was a normal child in school and was never an extraordinarily brilliant child. He was average in his studies and as such he scored normal passing marks in his pre-university exams and managed to get a seat in a government college doing B-com. His sister was an extraordinarily intelligent child who was always pampered at home for her over-smart and expert approach and he was usually looked down upon due to his average approach. However after his selection in a multi national company from a campus interview he felt that he was also able to gain little respect at his home. After working for two years he did his MBA from a university in Andhra. There he met his classmate called R who was quite a famous personality in his college. R is now one of his best friends but when he noticed her first time in his class unknowingly he called her Anuradha. And R was unusually angry being acknowledged by a new name and the feeling that how can someone forget her took over for many days and she makes sure she pin points this to him many times.

Recently A had been suffering from cold and cough which was persistent and troubling him to the core. He went to many doctors for the cure and this resulted in extreme itching and big rashes which were all over the body. He tried to go to allopathy doctors and was tired taking medicines and taking tests and scans which had bore no result. He was guided to go to homeopathy and that also did not bear any fruit. Lastly he was also guided to Ayurveda which also could not cure this. That time he met his friend and guide Preeti who told him about Past life Regression which is known to cure such problems which are not cured by normal medicines. So he had approached me for a session.

As per procedure after the usual induction and relaxation and by the end of visualisation A easily went into somnambulistic trance.

Me: What comes to your awareness. Where are you

I can feel there is a map its rotating. There is a wall a map is there it is rotating. Its dark it looks like a office room someone is sitting in a chair. I can feel myself …

Me: Look at your legs what are you wearing.

A: I can see sky while lying down…..its night….

The scene seems to shift now....its an office room……I am seeing part of the map….its dark…..

i feel that I am lying down….on the ground….its dark…..i can see blue sky stars….its night…can see trees…..all I can see earth and its dark……I can see some pictures some magazine…..there is a bridge…..very long bridge…..its dark……there is water below……dark pictures….its like taj mahal dome type buildings…

see a coat….a gun which has a cap above it….its a soldiers cap…

…I can see shadows….i can see persons face clothes…..just coming up…..i don’t have my presence…

..i can see a person wearing army cap….

t was a room ,…..I can see white shirt white pant….looks like navy uniform….i am seeing a person who is wearing…..

I can see some shirt….uniform comes and disappearing…..

Just felt that I am lying down in between buildings

Water is flowing….i feel that I have been there for long time….shallow water someone is lying there and watching everything he is not able to move at all…..

.that place where shallow water is there is surrounded by people they are watching…..i am lying down….someone is there who is lying down…

.i can either see black trees and blue sky,,,,,I felt as if some people lifted me…..

Some shadows as if people are standing in line….one gun is there standing on top of it a cap is there…..

At this stage A wanted to come out. As I had detailed him in the beginning there was no meaning all the scenes were only in bits and pieces. He was totally confused and could not understand any sequence. Hence I calmed him a bit and told him as per usual practice he should be able to figure out all the answers the next day and told him to be present exactly on time so that we may start immediately without any confusion on timings.

As promised A came on the dot on 29th July, 2018 at 10.00AM and I was also waiting for him to come so after the initial half an hour discussion we started off the journey to know the answers.

Me: What comes to your awareness.

A: I can see some eyes…very powerful eyes….its completely dark….

i can feel a ganesha statue….there is a kings chair and ganesha is sitting on it… carpet is there… one is there….looks like some palace hall……fully decorated…

Me: What happened.

A: ..i can see the blue sky trees huge trees….i can see shadows of soldiers of set of soldiers doing march past…..i can see a squirrel…its eating something……I can see that dome again…..its a shadow…..i can see trees…..i don’t know why its dark…..

Me: Its ok just be a witness......

A: sky only I can see…..i can see tiger statue…..i get a multidimensional view where one side is dark and trees……its not out in the sky…..i can see someone sitting on top of that statue……looks like real but not moving……he looks like God like aiyappa…..there is two images coming where there is colourful tiger and a person sitting on top and another is blue sky…….

Me: Just be there.......we are just witnessing....

Dark blue sky and trees

I can see a river nice river…..calm….i am watching it……again the same place is coming…..

Me: Just be in the place.....Take a deep breathe and be in the place we are just witnessing

A: I saw a woman who was in kitchen with lengthy hair…..she was wearing a saree…..she is doing something……she is trying to tell something to me…..she is raising her hands and telling me something as if warning me……

Again I came to the trees place….(Dont know why again and again I reach this place)

Me: Its ok just be there....Just witness be there...

A: .I am seeing beautiful flowers blue colour pretty flowers this place is outside the house….i am in the air and I am seeing all this not as a person…..I can see one dog which is there in the house where there is this woman…..

It’s a one floor nice house…..she seems to me like’s a huge paddy land with lots of grass very beautiful place….there only this house is there and a dog she is inside……only two of us are staying in that house…..i am seeing my room….its a nice room…..see a soldier’s cap…some boxes are there…...i can see hills from the window….

I am back in my house..the lady is there…(she is R I can clearly recognise her) she is unhappy about me doing something…..the uniform is khakhi…..i am in 30s…..she is calling me Ajay…..her name is Anuradha…..i feel like crying…..(cries)

I can see her face…..its difficult to describe her…..she is also crying so am crying…..i am not there…..i can see a dead body can see only my feet…its my dead body……

I feel that she didn’t want me to go somewhere but I went and I could not return and only my body came….i can see only my leg….it seems to be ....Pune……

I can see the dog nice short dog white and brown colour…he feels my presence…….

The house is there…..i am inside that house…..i can see lovely beautiful floor….no one is there……I see a nice white horse….i am sitting on top of it and riding……want to see myself but it is dark….looks like a training academy…..i am hiding somewhere….in some mountain….am trying to cover myself….can see only from the some hole which is there in corner from where I can see the sky….i am wearing a nice brown colour watch…….i am supposed to kill someone…..its a war zone…..i am sitting inside I am scared……its not in india…..i am in a war with Chinese people…..i think I am alone and scared…..i am wearing a black trekking shoe….i am wearing brown colour dress….my task was to climb something…..can see the blue sky…..i think I slowly died after suffering… leg was injured……someone killed me there….he shot me…..on my chest……that place is bottom of the hill and it has shallow water….i fell there…..and suffered there for a very long time with lots of suffering…..i think I cannot run fast my stamina is less… leg was injured…..he shot on my lungs…..i didn’t get a proper cremation and my body was kept and got infected after being in water for a very long time….. got infected and became in a very bad shape…..there is a reason…I felt sad for that…..body got extremely mutilated….i was 36 years old…..small baby was there……

A cried hard and wanted me to bring him back. In contrast to yesterday Abhi was much more at peace. He got all his answers and he was very happy and felt very light. We fixed date for the next session. By now he got his answers for his incurable allergy and knew that he would be able to get rid of it immediately.

Having said that A went home and left me with a thought how much influence our past life has on our present day to day activities. Also this session clarified all doubts about the ability of our sub conscious mind, how beautifully A called his friend ‘Anuradha’ whereas her name was R. All this simply shows that there is no death and we do meet lives after lives.

We have always heard that PLR does not end in the session and actually it starts. The same thing happened with A he started pondering over the happenings in the session and started finding all about Indo Chinese Wars etc. Finally he came across a book where he found his picture and was so happy to identify himself in the same. He sent it to me with full enthusiasm. He also found that his full name was Ajay Katoch. Of course on a lighter note I told him that he is not going to get a penny if he claims so its always to only get cured, find insights and move on.

The final session where the client gets complete insights is actually my favourite too. Sometimes it gives such powerful messages like the purpose of our lives, why we are here, what are we seeking etc. As always A reached on time but since we had kept the last session one month away both of us had a lot to talk before we started the induction. His skin allergy was almost gone. He was suffering from the usual cold and cough though. After the discussions we started the session:-

2nd September, 2018

Me : What comes to your awareness.

A : I can see blue sky……I am under the shallow water can see blurred sky trees…..some colour images are coming and going…..the same place… train passed just now……see some shadows coming and goings….. …I saw that shadow wala place 2-3 images but I am trying to concentrate nothing is happening…….i can see that ground the same place where grasses are there….…..just some word came to my mind….that let it go…..

Me : Just be are here to get all the answers and insights.....take a long breathe and be there..

A :….i feel that I shouldn’t know much what I want to know that’s why my subconscious mind is not allowing me to see…..i saw a grey colour house….some kid is there I cannot see him….i don’t think its my house….i feel its my moms house…..she is a music teacher…..i can see her….its my mom….she is very happy…

I can see the same place trees am seeing from below….i can see a shadow where a person is showing his arms

….somewhere I feel I should stop drinking…..its having e

ffect on my body…

..i used to think dying in a war is good that’s what happened……I can see people carrying one body in a box….its completely rotten cannot see the face properly…

.last rite ceremony….on top of white clothes….body is there…nothing is remaining in this body….

.that was not a natural death his body was there in the place for a long time….and then it was found and that’s what is bothering me…..i think last rite ceremony is very important the body should get the rituals which is very important

.the body was not in the right shape…..there is small diya like thing burning…..its dark everywhere but that diya is there… body started healing now…..but I need to respect and take care of my body too….somehow I heard that stop worrying,,,,

I wanted to join army again but all this coz somewhere someone didn’t want me to join army that’s why I always had lean body and allergies….someone wanted me to lead normal life….two people one is me and another is superior than me wanted me to understand what is weekness helpless ness….thats why I got this allergy which didn’t have any cure….strongly feel things will be much better hereafter……

With such strong insights A left teaching me also that future is in our hands its a lesson to be very happy and cautious as well. Every thought which we have today has its affect and we will surely get it back in future.

Last but not the least remembered one thought of sister shivani who says its easy to wear slippers than to carpet the whole world. So whatever we do wherever we are just have a look at your energies and learn to give and only give. The equation of life is just the reverse. We think if we are happy we will give but the fact is we should start giving then we will be happy. Thank you A for making me instrument for this great revelation.

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