Vibrations from Soul to Soul

“Mam I am going through some strange feelings and am not able to understand the reasons for all this,unable to share with family or friends I feel extremely guilty and remorseful for such weird thoughts.”

This came from a young 24 year old girl who was corona positive and had been kept in complete isolation for 15 days. Corona, the pandemic which has jolted the whole world and brought it to a stand still has actually harmed the existence much more than we realise. The mental health of people has gone for a toss, we were living in an entirely different world and did not realise that staying with our own self would be so difficult. The counselling over phone helped her tremendously and she could now sleep. However she was waiting for the green signal from the doctors so that she could physically come for a session. She had been suffering for almost 2-3 months trying her best by meditating, practicing Hooponopono and doing yoga but the feeling which she had still not shared with me coz she said its very very shameful, was almost killing her. We fixed a date and as my clients with extreme suffering do she reached on the dot, I could see the excitement in her body language and the fear that I would be judgemental towards her feeling was clearly seen in her eyes.

She was presently working for a software company and had cleared her masters and waiting to go abroad when she developed cold and fever. The doctor suggested corona test and she was tested positive and was suggested to be in complete isolation. With fever, cold, a sick body and nobody by her side, she felt as if she was undergoing extreme rigid punishment. I could see that she had still not shared the core pain, had to cajole, coax and assure her that am under the oath of confidentiality as such her identity would never be revealed. Slowly the pot broke and tears rolled and out came the secret which was making her feel guilty.

During the lonely time she had a feeling of immense pain not physically but emotionally and along with this came immense love towards someone close to her with whom she fought she cared and spent most of the time. Big deal what’s the reason for guilt and remorse, this is what comes to our mind. But this time the immense love she felt towards this person was somewhat sexual this made her feel remorseful and guilty. How can I think so badly, how can I stoop so low, she told me that she had lost more than 8 kgs due to this thought of guilt.

The therapist in me knew that the soul is seeing only the soul in that person and the body has nothing to do when the vibrations come into play. The silence, loneliness during the isolation had brought out the vibrations stored in the subconscious mind and I was sure PLR session would clear her pain. We did not waste more time and started the session and she easily drifted into somnambulistic trance.

Therapist What comes to your awareness.

Client Its morning there is waterfall…it’s a waterfall its coming through the rocks

I am staring at the water falls….I am on the ground the water fall is above me….I am very happy peaceful…probably a little pained about what I don’t…know…little pained….I am standing on grass….its beautiful….there is something hurting me …my heart is paining…(she could not see anything further and was scared at the pain it would cause. She had to be brought out and again taken to the same place without experiencing pain.)

Client My hands are in water it’s a womens hands with am wearing bangle and splashing water….red colour bangle…just playing…I am sitting on the banks of a stream which is coming from the water fall…I am a woman about 25-30 years of age

Therapist What are u wearing.

it’s a red coloured Indian dress….like a saree not a saree…very old….the time is very old….the dress is not seen nowadays…I am sitting…I am playing…my hair is long black its left open…fair complexion very beautiful sitting in the banks…some huts are there….very vague….beautiful place….I am sitting alone am very beautiful….I am in the forest….

There is a fight between two tribes…they are going to kill him…he has beautiful eyes something on his head like a crown…like a war….his eyes….tells me he will be with me forever…they are going to kill him…he is looking at me and I am helpless I don’t want him to die…I want to stop….someone is stabbing him…he is looking at me….there are huge stick with arrows…stabbed him….(cries inconsolably)

I am in prestigious position….the year is 1800….Madhya Pradesh….its a beautiful place sky is blue…birds huge trees,,,,its like a bullock cart…they are carrying me…I am very sad…I am not crying but there is pain in my heart….

It’s a palace its huge…I am the daughter of the king…my name is Chandralekha…his name starts with rooo…..I am wearing royal clothes jewelry am sitting….i am walking around the palace….I am beautiful lady maybe over obsessed about my beauty….

Waterfall am sitting in the banks…am wearing simple clothes…very lonely…little older….there is a hut theres an old lady doing something with hay….am over obsessed with my beauty…lost the most beautiful thing I had..thats him…my focus is going on my dressing on me and on my complexion and I am too proud of myself….nature is more beautiful the trees the waterfall…

She was asked to go to the point where she left her body and see what she was carrying from that life.

Am in the same hut old 70s am alone…the pain of being apart and being alone…my father abandoned me…bcoz I did not choose to marry anyone else…

She was then asked to find answers why she got those feelings towards that person.

The feeling which came up was for Roo. I think this person has similar face to Roo..the smile…that’s what confused me..but now I am very clear...I want to tell him I tried my best….am in my old age, I have the thoughts of him leaving the body….the tribals performed last rights for me…I guess I got my answers feel completely relieved. Thanks mam….

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