Say Bye to Hydrophobia and Haemophobia forever-Part I

“Humein Pani se bahut dar lagta hai mam. Hum English nahi jante hindi mein session

chahiye Hum bahut zyada pareshan hai mam” (I am very much afraid of water. I do not know

English want to have a session in Hindi. I am suffering a lot) Got a call from a client who was

crying while talking. Date of session was fixed and she arrived on the dot. She looked like a

typical Indian homemaker. Suffering was seen clearly in her face and eyes. After the initial

talks I understood that she was suffering from severe Hydrophobia that is fear of being

immersed in water, the fear has increased so much over the years that she gets suffocated if

she closes her eyes even while taking bath using a bucket leave aside taking bath in river. She

was in tears while sharing her fears with me. People used to tease her and say she is acting

and does not have any problem but is doing this only for attention. Since she was suffering

for the past 10 years she had gone to many doctors who had prescribed medicines for

depression and she was obediently taking them but after some time when she found that she

was not getting any relief and she started facing a lot of side effects due to such strong

medicines and so she stopped them completely and was now struggling to cope with her inner

turmoil. While talking to her i realised that she was suffering from another dreaded fear,

which is fear of liquid red colour. She couldn’t stand red colour in walls, she couldn’t see

liquid red colour, she told me that she used to get shivers the moment she saw these and she

used to suffer very badly. She was a staunch Bihari by birth and it is compulsory for a

married woman in Bihar to wear the Red Liquid called sindoor in the forehead, but she could

never wear this and has been criticised by her family and by now they actually felt she was

cooking this up and was just acting, since she did not get the acceptance of her family

members she felt all the more depressed and suffered but could not share this with anyone.

Although she never said that she was scared of blood but while she was narrating I was

relating with blood and felt she was suffering from haemophobia. I had strong intuition that

both the problems would easily be cured by PLR. So saying we took the issues one by one

started the session and she easily went into trance as expected. Th : What comes to your

awareness Cl : Small small trees are there…..there are lots of grass…..there is a bridge in

water……there are small small pebbles in water……ekdum saf pani…… i am standing at

one side…..i am wearing shoes….black shoes…..pant over coat…..i am a man…..30-

35…..cant see the face…..i am waiting for someone……long divider is there with sharp

edges….other side of which is a busy road…..i am standing on the other side……there is

some English lady she is very beautiful….she is wearing white hat…..she is very

beautiful….. Both of us standing outside the building,….can see the lady clearly…..she is

very fair and very beautiful,,,,blue eyes….wearing hat…..her name is Mary…..she is my

lover…… There is a church…..we are going inside the church….she is looking very pretty in

bridal gown…..can see david face…..he is wearing white shirt black coat and black

bow…..getting married in front of father….. Th : So you are getting married Sneha :The man

who was getting married in church is different from David the man who was standing in the

road……I feel Mary has betrayed me, …..there is a ship going in water……its night….I feel

scared I am very scared…..dont want to see. Th : Its Ok…..I am here very near you….you

don’t have to worry…… Sn : Someone is climbing the ship…its david….he is going

somewhere…..he climbed up….. It seems he is inside the ship…. He is climbing stairs inside

the ship…there are many people….. …he has a briefcase in his hand…… Can see the other

side of ship….water is absolutely blue…..he has got some papers with him….(Oh No……..)

Ship has sunk…..its under water…..can see windows of the ship…..inside the water The ship

is sunk and it appears its inside water for long….Its name is some E…and there is SS written

on it. The year seems to be 1975….marry did not get married to David…she betrayed

him…...David’s body is floating…..inside the ship…. Ship is full of water….fishes are

swimming…..inside ship David died…..Ship was black coloured from bottom ….….Mary

betrayed…. Had to bring her back …..I was pretty sure her hydrophobia would have vanished

but then it has to come from her……Meanwhile I was just googling to find out whether there

was a ship wreck in 1975 and I found this

SS Edmund Fitzgerald was an American Great Lakes freighter that sank in a Lake Superior

storm on November 10, 1975, I showed her this picture and she screamed and confirmed that

it is the same ship….I felt that her fear had not subsided…and that she could still feel the

inner tremors, she shivered on seeing the ship in the internet.. she had been carrying since

many years or maybe many lives…..anyway the session had ended…. and I had learnt PLR

doesn’t end in the session and it only begins there… we just called the day off…we were

supposed to meet the next day…..for the second session......

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