Learn to Let Go to cure your physical pains

“Mam I have suddenly been bed ridden can’t move at all, have extreme pain in my pelvic regions I don’t know what has happened but I am now very very sick, leave alone walk, cant even use the rest room on my own” This call came from a young 7 months pregnant girl who told me that was suffering extremely. On enquiry she told me that she had gone to the doctor who had made thorough investigations and had actually found nothing. The doctor had suggested that she should take pain killers, usually painkiller is not at all prescribed for pregnant ladies but seeing the gravity of the situation the doctor had prescribed it and it just did not work. She again went to her doctor who now tried mild sedatives so that the girl would at least drowse to sleep but the pain was so unbearable that she just could not get sleep. Now the doctor also became helpless as she had checked and every test was normal only this sudden pain. The girl had then remembered about the PLR cases which I had discussed with her and she knew I had started online sessions and so she thought she may get respite. Now first thing that came in my mind was she is 7 months pregnant and is it advisable to go with PLR but my PLR guru had discussed this that he had tried on his wife so I remembered clearly that it can be done. With the thought that there always would be a first time I started with my session, telling her that I may just relax her so that she gets sleep. She wanted to get rid of the pain and was OK with whatever I do. PLR becomes very easy when the client has full belief and confidence in us and so I started with the online session:-

Th : What comes to your awareness

Cl : A blue light is coming

Th : Ok are u in the open or closed space

Cl : Looks like open space but cant see the ground only the sky which is blue and some clouds here and there.

The client was stuck there for long, usually this happens when it’s the time of death in last life and the place from where the client is carrying the pain. The soul is scared to actually know what’s stored there.

So I relaxed her more and took her to some other moment of that life.

Th : Whats coming to your awareness

Cl : I can faintly see a girl.

Th : Look at her legs whats she wearing

Cl : Cant see the legs but she is wearing a frock a white and a cream coloured frock. She is very beautiful 10 year old girl.

Th : What is she doing standing or sitting.

Cl : Standing and sometimes sitting she is playing with mud there are plants around her. She is alone but she is happily playing. The house behind her is scary, but she is staring at the house.

This gives a clue that this is the place we need to explore but keeping in mind the state of my client I relaxed her more and told her to be a witness to the scene. Actually just a week before in our regular meetings my guru Venu had told that you should tell the client that its just past life and we are here to be relieved of the pain and that’s what I did.

Cl : She is slowly entering the house but its so dark that I cant see anything. She is looking around the small house. The house looked huge from outside but its actually quite small from inside. The year is 1896, place is Himachal Pradesh.

I can see a man with a candle in his hand staring at the girl, He is staring at her. I get the name Sudeep, I think his name is Sudeep. No I don’t recognize him from my present life.

She felt little uncomfortable and stuck….so had to take her further.

The small girl is lying down simply. I think she is dead. She is wearing the same dress that she was wearing while entering the house. She is lying in open space in some grass, no one is there around her. The sky looks blue exactly as I saw in the beginning of the session.

She felt stuck so again relaxation and took her little back.

The girl is standing inside the house, this person a man is there with the candle and she is very scared, I think. The girl entered and he is laughing at her, the girl is simply looking at him. He is tall. The girl is scared. He is picking her up and holding her in uncomfortable manner. He kept the girl down as if she was a thing. He is watching her. The girl is looking at the person and he is also looking at her. The person is raping her, harming her parts...The girl is crying but she is too scared to shout. He is laughing and raping her. I guess he harmed her so much that she died. He is still standing and laughing like a maniac. Her name is Divya. Very beautiful girl.

She got her answers and we blessed the girl and the rapist so that the pain in not being carried…Let Go is the biggest lesson. She did and the best thing happened in the evening…

Mam the session was magical my pain has drastically reduced, thank you so much”

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