Karma follows

I feel so disturbed I am unable to manage my son, he is harassing me every day, need session

urgently, and this message came from a client of mine who is to me like Catharine is to

Dr.Brian Weiss. Lucky are such clients who get instant answers to their problems. She has

had previous sessions for various other problems and she got precise answers

instantaneously. Coming back to the client her son is a smart young lad in his twenties and

trying to pursue some professional course and every now and then he demands money from

her either for eatables or some other personal needs. Even if she spends 30-50,000 per month

on him he is not satisfied and keeps demanding more money to be spent luxuriously with his

friends where he chooses to merrily spend time eating, drinking and watching movies. She

has even tried to explain to him that it is difficult to give him this huge amount every month

since she is a salaried person, he shamelessly tells her to join another job to meet his

expenses. After the initial talks she had to be relaxed and was taken to trance and as usual she

easily drifted to somnambulist trance. Th : What comes to your awareness where are you Cl :

I am in the dark cannot see anything....i cannot see myself Th : Be there. Just relax and take a

deep breathe. What comes to your awareness. Cl : I am in some other place....its like a

gurukul....there is teacher....i am a student......he is telling I am your this 3 are going to complete next month...I want guru dakshina.....after completion

....some amount you should give to I helped you to pursue your guru is

saying he has spent huge amount on me so I should give him guru he is

asking me go and earn more....he wants amount to be paid to him every month... Cl : I feel

that my guru has done a lot for me and i have a huge responsibility .....but I know I should

repay.....i can hear his voice.....i was not able to get any good job.....since I was not able to

fulfil my gurus wish.... I fell sick and died.....the year is 1828....i died......I am dead

now......all are guru is crying... He is saying I will not leave you...he

is pointing to my dead body.....i will keep on bothering you and not leave you......till you

repay me I will not let you to be happy he is telling to my dead body......he says he will not

allow me to be happy..... Th : Just look into his eyes can you recognise him Cl : Gosh he is

Sh....! My son! (she cries and cries) I have to repay this huge amount to him.... (After crying

hard for 5-10 minutes. She felt calm and peaceful) Then... Th : Do you want me to take you

back. What is coming to your awareness.

Cl: I can see my lakshmi amma.....she is complete the guru’s wish..... and

come back to me....amma is consoling me they are putting one condition.....both are saying

guru droha I should not is like brahma.......without fulfilling I should not leave.

repay his money and see to it that his wishes are fulfilled....i am having gurus curse.......that

is why he is commanding me so much.... She got her answers. It is not that after that she is

giving money constantly to her son but at least she is not hating him for what he is doing to

her and is doing whatever she can with complete devotion and love.

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