Importance of Body in spiritual journey

“Geetha Akka, I read one of your post today, I have always meditated that I want to be in the company of someone who can show me how to do social service alongwith daily routine work and I feel inspired by your life, by your sessions, I want to know the purpose of my life, why I feel insecure and rejected” This came from a young woman whom I met while attending a residential meditation programme of Isha, this beautiful young soul is a strong independent single mother in search of the permanent happiness and purpose. After this message I elaborated little about PLR and we fixed up a date for her session and as it usually happens she reached on the dot. After the initial formalities we started with the history taking and I could feel this young girl had gone through a lot more to bear than her age, her parents married off her at an early age maybe to get rid of their so called responsibilities and actually they themselves threw her into hell. She used to regularly witness extreme physical, verbal abuse by not only her husband but also her mother in law. When she shared this with her parents and brother they wanted her to somehow adjust as they feared what the society would think if she walks out. Anyway she had to ultimately break all the barriers and walk out of the worst phase of her life alongwith her daughter . Her journey so far made me feel that even though we boast of being in Modern civilisation we are still lagging far behind in matters pertaining to our daughters. Why are we still following the age old ritual of dumping our girls into marriage just because we have to face the society. I am not at all able to understand as to why the girls who are brought up as little princesses by the parents become burden when they reach the marriageable age. It’s absolutely not about the money I am sure most of the parents have a lot of money and can easily take care of her, but the social pressure is so high on our heads that we feel we are done with our responsibilities only after our daughter gets married and in this peer pressure we unknowingly dump the apple of our eyes into garbage to suffer the rest of her life. Anyway there was lot to share which the little one had hidden deep inside. After relaxing her which actually took a lot of time, the young girl drifted into deep trance. Th : What comes to your awareness Cl : I am not comfortable. Its very strange. It’s not like a place. I feel there is no space. Am twisting and turning. Very different experience. I feel like am in my mom’s womb she is crying…..(her face was twisting turning, as if she is facing a lot of pain- I had to console her as I was also confused) Suddenly she felt acute pain, tiny drops of tears were rolling down her cheeks as she was experiencing lots of pain… Th Its Ok just let the pain pass through. What happened Cl She is got.. got a hit…she fell down from cycle…. Th Who got a hit who fell down Cl My mother she was sitting behind. I don’t know but she fell down and she got hurt. its paining…..its paining….(she started crying)…..the pain is passing through my spinal cord,…..I feel I am very tired….I am still inside my mom’s stomach…..she is very stressful….she is crying she didn’t want the baby she is happy with 2 sons…..she is thinking she doesn’t want me…why I have to be alive…is my feeing…why is confusion at this stage….I feel so rejected and dejected… I am in the space…..its dark……(The journey to past life actually started now) Th What comes to your awareness (What came next was a beautiful revelation which would be useful for all the souls on Spiritual journey) I am sitting inside some place which looks like mountain….. i am young….i am a saint….i am wearing a white cloth…. i am a male….young 30-40 years….such a calm face….so innocent face….there is a mountain…there are trees… The year is 1900….looks like Himalayas…I am doing my practices….Oh Oh…I fell down and slipped…I lost my body…. I have to practice this sadhana…but I need a body….what will I do….how will I do my sadhana….how to continue my practice….(she started crying again) What will I do….body is required ….there is one guru….. There is a bright light…..i am traveling…. Now I got a body…now I have to practice…. Purpose of my life is to merge with this light…..I am moving towards my purpose…with constant practice of Sadhana and Loving serving all the beings which come in contact with me…All this can be done only if I HAVE THE BODY The most beautiful part happened 3-4 days after her session when I got a call from her stating that her Mom had actually fallen down from cycle, it seems her father was riding the cycle and her mom sitting behind fell and got hurt. She also confirmed that her Mom felt why she needed this baby when 2 boys were more than enough. She also shared that her mom was very much surprised when she shared coz her Mom had almost forgotten this incident long back. We may not have proof for Past lives but cases like this are examples which make a PLR session authentic. Felt so much gratitude for the young girl who gave such profound lessons to me

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