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Love All Serve You

Working in the Central Government Organisation for the past 27 years she felt the need for soul enlightenment and the vacuum inside  led her to find ways to return the love received back to the society. Although a BSc BEd graduate she felt the need to specialise and she completed MS in counselling and Psychotherapy. Further research led her to become a Past Life Regression Therapist from Amarantos which came as a boon in her life.  A little more dig cleared the path to become a Sound Healer where a number of people can get relaxation together. 

Born in a conservative lovable family she has always been inspired by Mother Teresa and felt the urge to help whoever comes her way. She became a member of Sri Satya Sai Samithi Noida where they did lots of activities like blood donation camps – wherein they would collect blood from huge apartments and hand over to AIIMS Delhi, Immunisation camps- where they would regularly immunise the kids of slum area keeping record of the vaccines administered. Children have been a part of her life and they always look upon her for their small issues which she easily solves and makes them understand in their language. She is often called the Pied Piper of her apartment bcoz when she enters she is followed by the battery of kids.  

Love All Serve All was the way she was living when a sudden blow came in her life to reveal the truth that, where we are living is a dream and the reality is much more than what we experience. This awareness led her to be a  part of an NGO ‘ANANT EHSAAS FOUNDATION’ whose members believe that it is not the joy of attainment that drives humanity, rather it is the essence of service to humanity that redeems us in the end. The message of AEF is boundless yet simple, 'Service is Joy'. She believes that our task is to become God-like through knowledge that Love is not what you do it’s what you ARE. Her only ambition is to reach a level of consciousness such that when we look into the eyes of another we are able to see our own soul looking back at us. Through this awareness she is trying to wipe out tears from maximum eyes.